Despite Improvement, Discrimination is Still Problem in Federal Workforce

In many ways, the federal government is a model employer. Years ago, for example, it opened employment doors for minority workers when many private sector employees still discriminated on the basis of color. Statistics also indicate that the federal government has been more welcoming to women than some segments of the private economy. For example, one report from the Office of Personnel Management indicated that in 2014, 34 percent of the positions in the federal government’s Senior Executive Service were held by women, as opposed to only 14.6 percent of executive positions in the private sector. That is particularly important when one considers the fact that women comprise 43.3 percent of the Federal workforce, whereas they comprise 46 percent of the total U.S. civilian workforce. Read More »

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Successfully litigated against all federal agencies for 24 years, has brought cases before most circuit courts of appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court on behalf of federal employees he has represented.