George Melville Johnson

When dealing with the intricate nuances of federal and international law, you need an attorney who has both expertise in the practice areas and a deep-seated interest in the intercultural dynamics that shape our world. Attorney George Melville Johnson both meets and exceeds these standards, providing intelligent and aggressive legal approaches for his clients that have cultivated his reputation as a leader in his field.

As the founder, owner, and principle of the Atlanta-based law firm Melville Johnson, P.C., Attorney Johnson’s main practice areas of focus are international litigation, employment law, representing federal employees, and immigration-related issues, but he also deals with cases involving general federal litigation and appellate law.

With over 25 years of experience litigating against various federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies, including cases brought before the United States Supreme Court, both Attorney Johnson and his firm are equipped to handle cases at the highest levels of urgency and significance. He is known for his well-reasoned arguments, ferocious trial skills, insightful strategy, and ability to turn business problems into capital opportunities.

In short, Attorney George Melville Johnson gets results for his clients.

He is admitted to the bars of Northern and Middle U.S. District Courts in Georgia, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh, Tenth and Second Circuits, D.C. Circuit Courts of Appeals, Federal Court of Appeals, United States Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Attorney Johnson received his J.D. from the University of Tennessee, and has since continued to develop his understanding of the federal and international law by involving himself in a variety of legal groups and organizations. These groups include the Industrial Relations Research Association; American Bar Association; Atlanta Bar Association; International Bar Association; State Bar of Georgia; Society of Human Resources Managers; National Employment Law Association; The Association of Trial Lawyers of America; Charter member, Congress of Fellows, Center for International Legal Studies, Salzburg, Austria. He speaks English and basic Spanish.

Outside of his work in the courtroom, Attorney Johnson extends his legal knowledge and expertise as a sought-after delegate and speaker at various legal forums around the world, addressing issues surrounding international and employment law. His appearances include:

  • The Oxford Roundtable, Oxford, England
  • The International Employment Law Conference, Kitzbuhel, Austria (2002)
  • Lawyering in the International Market, Valle Nevado, Chile
  • International Distribution and Investment Law, Chile
  • Annual delegate to the International Bar Association
    • Durban (2002)
    • San Francisco (2003)
    • Auckland (2004)
    • Prague (2005)
    • Singapore (2007)
    • Buenos Aires (2008)
    • Madrid (2010)
    • Vancouver (2011)

In 2004, Attorney Johnson spoke on the topics of Africa and Immigration in a shared program with the President of the United States at the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 75th Birthday Celebration.

In addition to his work in the legal field, Attorney Johnson is an active member of the Atlanta community, working with a wide variety of charitable organizations. This activity includes board membership on Rhodes Hall, Atlanta, and the Atlanta Music Club, the parent organization of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra, and the Atlanta Symphony Chorus. He is the chair and sits on the governing board of the Third Congressional District of the Democratic Party of Georgia

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Successfully litigated against all federal agencies for 24 years, has brought cases before most circuit courts of appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court on behalf of federal employees he has represented.